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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Good wedding photography takes a special kind of photographer, someone who loves their work, capturing all the emotions and big and small events of the day. Choose the right photographer and your photos will capture the day and make you smile for years to come.

Getting photography coverage of the wedding right from the Bride getting ready is well worth it, even if your house is chaos on the day, a good photographer will be able to get some pictures of you, your bridesmaids and family, that are a unique part of the wedding day story.

Plan to be ready well before you need to be and your photographer will have a chance to capture pictures that would otherwise be missed.

If your lucky enough to have two photographers on the day, the second photographer can get some pictures of the groom and groomsmen while waiting for the bride to arrive.

Depending on your celebrant or ceremony location, your photographer may be limited in what he is allowed to do and the pictures he can captures during the service.

Preparation is the name of the game when it comes to family photos. You need to decide if you want every possible combination of family picture in formal shots, or let the photographer have free reign in capturing more relaxed images of guests as they chat and interact. If you want a complex list of family photos, write them down for the MC and photographer and be prepared to spend some time on this part of the photography.

You would normally choose one or more locations for the bridal party photography and a couple of romantic shots of the bride and groom.

After that it’s back to the wedding reception for a couple of photographs and then you’re on your own. Some photographers will stay into the evening for an additional fee. You just need to decide if you want the speeches and first dance covered professionally.

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