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Wedding Photography Equipment

Wedding Photography Equipment

Customer perspective

If you are looking for a wedding photographer, the only questions you need to ask with regard to photographic equipment are :-
1) Is it digital ( 99 % of wedding photographers are these days )
2) Do you have a spare camera in case anything goes wrong

Photographers perspective

If you still have a film camera throw it away or better still put it on display as an antique – even those clinging to the lovely quality of the medium format cameras

I’m not going to advise whether Canon is better than Nikon or which camera model to buy – there are plenty of other sites for that. However I do have a few suggestions.

Lenses – you only need two ( or a super zoom ).
A wide to medium telephoto – say 24mm to 105mm this will cover 80% of day, from the large group pictures to posed close-ups.

A telephoto zoom ( about 70 – 300 ), this will give you the ability to fill the frame, without being intrusive during the ceremony, as well as getting those candid shot of the wedding and guest

A powerful flash gun. While natural light is best, it’s not always strong enough or in the right place to get what you need.

At least two camera bodies and lenses, as well as the miscellaneous items such as batteries, memory cards etc

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