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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Good wedding photography takes a special kind of photographer, someone who loves their work, capturing all the emotions and big and small events of the day. Choose the right photographer and your photos will capture the day and ...

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Wedding photography budget

Wedding photography budget The wedding photographer normally accounts for about 20% of any wedding budget, the three most expensive parts of the wedding being the reception, the photography and the wedding attire for bride and groom. In New Zealand at ...

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Wedding Albums

Wedding Albums If you had your wedding pictures taken professionally the easiest thing to do here is to ask your photographer to create your album, most photographers will be able to provide a range of albums and are able to ...

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Wedding Photography Styles

Wedding Photography Styles Nowadays there is much more choice on the style of photography you can get. There is still a place for the traditional formal group pictures where all the relatives line up for a photo, but the journalistic ...

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Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Choosing a Wedding Photographer Choosing a professional photographer is not an easy task and there are three initial things to consider, quality and style of pictures, range and price of products available, reliability or professional standards of the company. The ...

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Photographic Organisations

Photographic Organisations In New Zealand the main professional organisation is the NZIPP (New Zealand Institute of professional Photographers) and it is safe to assume that any qualified member will produce a professional standard of photography and adhere to the standards ...

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Photographic Awards

Photographic Awards Many wedding photographers in New Zealand achieve photography awards or are competition winners, which should be recognised as a reflection of their high skill level. There are many well known competitions including the ‘Kodak Awards’ as well as ...

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NZ Photographic Qualifications

NZ Photographic Qualifications As far as photography goes, college and university qualifications should be seen as the basics. The two main photography organisations of New Zealand have an ‘honours’ system, which is a level of expertise as judged by the ...

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Wedding Photography Equipment

Wedding Photography Equipment Customer perspective If you are looking for a wedding photographer, the only questions you need to ask with regard to photographic equipment are :- 1) Is it digital ( 99 % of wedding photographers are these days ...

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